CW Manna Help

Use the drop lists at the top to select what you wish to listen to, starting with the volume of canon, then the book, the chapter, and finally the verse.

Using local storage, CW Manna will remember a single place of listening for each volume of holy writ presented.

Use the standard control buttons to stop and start the playback. The play button becomes the pause button while playing is active.

Switching your listening location while playing or paused is NOT recommended. Press stop, then change the location as desired.

CW Manna will automatically play all verses to the end of the chapter. It will then wait for the user to press the screen before continuing.

Presing the gear button will bring up the settings popup screen. The adjusable settings are

  • Speed. The speed at which characters are played.
  • Effective Speed. Slows down the speed by adding dead space between the characters.
  • Word Space adds extra dad noise between words. This is a multiple of standard 7 dit space.
  • Frequency of the tone generated.
  • Edge alters the clarity of the tone.
  • Volumne adjusts the playback volumn.

NOTE: ARRL CW training limits the standard PARIS speed of training to 18WPM of higher. This is commonly called Farnesworth timing, and it is designed to force new CW operators to become accustomed to hearing the correct tones and rythms of the characters under normal speeds, instead of counting and then later having to relearn. If you need slower signals, us the effective spped setting to slow it down.



CW Manna

But he answered and said, It is written,
Man shall not live by bread alone,
but by every word that proceedeth
out of the mouth of God. —Matthew 4:4

I created this site for my own use in practicing CW copy, and I wished to practice by listening to what I consider most important: The Word of God. As I made the site, my beliefs dictate the content. I will not fight anyone who disagrees with inclusion of material, as all are free to hold whatever belief they want.

While I made this site for my own use, I have made this site freely available to all so that any others who wish to practice CW copy thorugh listening to the Word of God, may be able to do so. Listen to any part of it that you wish. Ignore any part you wish.

As you use the site, you may set the tone, the speed, timing parameters, and where you will begin listening.
The site will stop at the end of the current chapter.
The site will track a single position for each volume presented and load the last location when starting up again.

This following volumes are presented by the site:

  • Old Testament of KJV of the Holy Bible.
  • New Testament of KJV of the Holy Bible.
  • The Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ
  • Doctrine and Covenents
  • Pearl of Great Price



CW Manna

by James Garner

Resources used to create this site:

The JSCWLIB (JavaScript CW Library)

written by Fabian Kurz.
Specific File downloaded: jscwlib.js

The (LDS) Scriptures-JSON

by Ben Crowder and made public on GitHub
Specific files downloaded: These files are in the public domain. Read the License.

Conversion of JSON files to javascript objects:

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